Éamonn the Spooncarver

As part of this ongoing series, I am very fortunate to get to meet with a number of extremely talented people. One such person is Éamonn O’ Sullivan, of Hewn Spoons. Éamonn very kindly allowed me to come by to one of his spoon carving classes to grab some footage for the episode. While there I was amazed to see how good he was at teaching. Without breaking a sweat he was able to help 12 students turn pieces of sycamore into useful, wonderful wooden spoons. Everyone there felt like they could accomplish this, and they did.
Gracious as ever, Éamonn welcomed me to come up to his house and workshop in Mayo. I jumped at the chance and got to spend a great couple of hours chatting with him about spoons, woodwork, selling your wares and a host of other things. We even managed to take video of it! Seeing someone else’s workshop is such a beneficial experience. Their way of working in their craft is so evident by the contents and position of everything in their shop.
By Hand and Heart episode 1 will be out soon, and I really hope you all like it.

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